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World Sick Day

World Day of the Sick

Hey everyone. Can you believe we are in the middle of the second week of February? To kick off the week, I am writing another blog on a Disability Event.

Today’s event is the World Day of the Sick. It is a day that is observed by Pope John Paul the Second to provide believers a way to offer their support and prayers for those who are enduring various illnesses. “The day coincides with the commemoration of Our Lady of Lourdes and is an important opportunity for those who serve in Catholic health ministry to reflect on caring for those who are sick as well as those who provide care to them” (Catholic Health Association).

I feel this is an important day to remember. It is a way to send healing thoughts to loved ones who are not well. Especially in this timeframe where many are suffering from various strains of COVID.

Pope Francis states in his message for this year’s 30th World Day of the Sick, “Many advances have been made, yet there is still a long way to go in ensuring that all the sick, also those living in places and situations of great poverty and marginalization, receive the health care they need.. “ (Pope Francis, Vatican). This is true. Today, we can remember and make our own path to helping.

It is ok if you are not catholic or Christian or other various religious faiths. Just take the time to think of those who are ill and have been suffering for a long time. Some have been battling these illnesses for years. Illnesses include Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Headaches, Kidney Failures, Heart Disease, Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, etc.

So please. Take a moment and reflect. Think positive thoughts. Try and find ways to see how you can help those in your community.

Whether it’s buying groceries for those who are too ill or frail to go out in the world. Bring a home-cooked meal to someone who no longer has the capability to cook. Offer to clean their home to brighten their atmosphere. Or just coming over to pass the time or read a book aloud to those who have long lost the sight to do so. You can even visit an elderly home facility. There are many who do not have the luxury to go out and visit their community or no longer have family members to visit anymore.

Just doing these things can really help. Whether it is spiritual or physical, you are assisting those who need help.

“WHAT IS NEEDED IS A PERSONALIZED APPROACH to the sick, not just of curing, but also of caring, in view of an integral human healing. In experiencing illness, individuals not only feel threatened in their physical integrity but also in the relational, intellectual, affective, and spiritual dimensions of their lives. For this reason, in addition to therapy and support, they expect care and attention” (Pope Francis, Catholic Health Association).

Do not just be sympathetic. Be EMPATHETIC. Understand. We need this inclusion in our community. How will you help build that today?


Photo Credits

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