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National Donor Day

National Donor Day

Did you know that about 20 people die every day while waiting for a transplant? A single donor can have the opportunity to save as many as eight lives.

For today’s Awareness Blog Series, I will discuss National Donor Day. As amazing as our monetary donors are, that is not the Donor type I will bring awareness to. “Observed annually on February 14, National Donor Day aims to raise awareness of the live-saving benefits of five different types of donation – Organs, Tissues, Marrow, Platelets, and Blood. Valentine’s Day, and every day for that matter, is the perfect day to share the love by committing to saving and healing lives through donation. Pay tribute to your loved ones who have given the gift of donation, have received a donation, are currently waiting, or have died waiting by joining the donor registry” (Organ Donation Alliance). Started by the Saturn Corporation and United Auto Workers in 1998, National Donor Day is supported by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Many people have been gifted by such important donations. According to the Organ Donation Alliance, every two seconds someone will need a blood transfusion. That equivalates to about 41,000 donations a day! I myself have been a recipient over the years of such blood donations due to my past surgeries. So a big thank you to those who have donated blood!

Another example includes platelet donations. They are life-saving for those who have survived traumatic injuries, cancer, or chronic diseases. Every 30 seconds, someone needs one. When it comes to Bone Marrow, did you know over 70 percent of those who need a donation cannot find a match within their own family?

There are so many donor donations needed. “Nearly 1,500 people right here in our region are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant and thousands more are in need of healing tissue transplants” (Donor Alliance).

How can one get involved? You can share on your social media awareness of National Donor Day. Fundraise. Contribute. Or educate your community on why National Donor Day is an important day to remember.

Feel free to read the Donate Life America Tribute Wall ( ) The Wall is full of stories of those who have contributed to saving the lives of others. Their lives are honored and given thanks.

You can also read on the Stories of Hope page ( The page shares wonderful stories of people whose lives have been saved by others’ gifts.

My life has been saved by the gift of these donations. A few years ago I had a bone infection in my spinal cord. The infection had eaten away at my spine and fractured it. The doctors had to perform a surgery that involved the implantation of a bone cage made out of cadaver bone to support my spine. If it weren’t for the donations of others for the bone and blood for my surgery, I would not be alive today. So today I honor National Donor Day by being thankful. So Thank You! Thank you for donating both in the present and future. Your donation could save a life.


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(Photo Credit: Donate Life)

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(Photo Credit: Jacquelyne Yawn)


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