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Peace Out 2020

Thinking back to December: the time of year when people find themselves festively gathering with loved ones and reflecting on the year that is nearing its end. My 2020 started all those decades ago in January with a cancelled trip to NYC and an ovarian cyst I hoped wouldn’t be an omen of the year to come. Well.... in 2020’s defense, I guess it wasn’t all bad, though I highly doubt anyone will mourn its passing.

My Ms. Wheelchair California 2020 reign began with my PPF family by my side, I ended a seven year run with my job, learned the art of the Zoom performance, started a podcast, struggled to regain my drive and passion, read a book a day, battled with my mental health, became a Master in Leadership, checked out the hospital in a pandemic, gained a brother-in-law, a cat, a sisterhood and more friends than I could ever hope for.

In 2021 we’ve already seen unfathomable pain and tragedy that I won’t try to gloss over with any platitudes. When things get tough, I try to focus on the things I CAN control. Engaging in conversations with new advocate friends like Kieran Kern O’Brien of the Diversability Community, Erin Kay Moore of Claiming Disability, Zakiyah Mayberry (DEI Strategist) and performing in unique opportunities with burgeoning nonprofits on National Day for Persons With Disabilities helped me reflect and redefine my advocacy efforts.

So this year, I reclaim my pledge to work to put disability back in all facets of diversity. My wish for all of you is that no matter what 2021 has in store, that somehow we all are able to find moments of beauty, peace, light, health and love.


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