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When I say it gave me my voice I mean that I finally found a way to let others know the changes that need to be made for those with disabilities in our communities. It gave me a chance to advocate and empowered myself to go out of my comfort zone and explore my passion, to educate others about Living Inclusively: Conversations around the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Attending Nationals in Little Rock, AK was AMAZING! Being with 22 other women all in wheelchairs is truly an incredible experience. Getting to know one another and forming friendships that will last a lifetime. I learned so much from each one of them and about the National Organization while I was there.

All the events I attended over the past year were truly a blessing. Being able to spread the word about the Americans with Disabilities Act was such a success. In my home town of Redwood City, I was able to have them add more curb cuts and really look at the disability community more and be more inclusive. Mayor Bain created a proclamation in October 2019 creating a disability awareness month in Redwood City. As a board member of the Commission on Disabilities for the county of San Mateo, I shared my platform with the Board of Supervisors and challenged them to be the most accessible county in the state. I’m excited to say I see small strides in this already! Only time will tell what will happen. It was an honor to share my story to the city council and others in the community.

As I say farewell, know that it is not goodbye. This is where I found my VOICE to advocate, I have much more work to be done. I look forward to the next chapter with Ms. Wheelchair California and Ms. Wheelchair America.


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