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Dancing the Day Away

Dancing the Day Away

Today was a dancing day. It was a Hip Hop & Bollywood Fusion, hosted by the Virtual Adaptive Dance classes.

My MTS Access Chariot arrived in the morning as it picked me up in front of my local Target (I have no active bus route on the weekends sadly). I had agonized over my wardrobe. What should one wear to a Hip/Hop Bollywood Dance Workshop? Should I dress in regular gym clothes? More Hip Hop? More Bollywood? Settled on a pair of nice comfy grey pants and an adorable purple top with bits of glitter from Lane Bryant. One could be comfy and pretty I always say.

Upon my arrival, the air was pumped full of excitement. Everyone was smiling and chatting. I was nervous. I hadn’t been to a dance class with other people since before Covid struck. I had taken Adaptive Dance sessions during the first summer of Covid, but it’s one thing to do it on a video by yourself in the living room, and quite another in front of a group live. I was so nervous I forgot to eat my breakfast and skipped coffee!!

Everyone was so nice and welcoming. We all got to introduce ourselves before we got started. It was a small crowd with a wide range of ages and abilities.

There were three dance instructors for the course. The cool and relaxed Ramon Ivey taught the Hip Hop portion. The lovely fun Lekha Motiwala taught the Bollywood sections of the dance. Let’s not forget the talented and upbeat E’van Petros provided alternative styles to the dance for those in wheelchairs. The whole dance itself was amazing and invigorating. A great blend of hip hop and Bollywood dance moves. Each transition smoothed nicely into each set of dance steps. Who knew the two could mix together so amazingly?

A full 90 minutes of it and I was huffing. I was tired and sore, but having fun! I was able to keep up with the others. The music was really fun to listen to. It was upbeat and fast. We even had a little freestyling number in the end. I fully recommend taking classes from this organization. Founded in 2008, WDO became a non-profit organization that provides a wide variety of dance classes for those with mobility challenges. “Wheelchair Dancers Organization (WDO) believes that dance can be experienced by all. We are dedicated to broadening opportunities and creating an inclusive environment for all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. Our aim is to benefit and empower the body, mind, and spirit through the art of dance” (WDO). Go ahead and sign up for one of their amazing dance sessions. It’s free. Not to mention a fun way to stay active and exercise.

Check out the Wheelchair Dancers Organization (WDO) and their team members on Social Media.

Lekha Motiwala

Ramon Ivey

E'van Petros

Ania Flatau


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