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I’ll Push You

A very good friend and mentor, Fernanda Castelo, invited me to a movie viewing one night. The movie was called "I’ll Push You" and can be seen here at The production company is Brave Maker and you can check them out at They are a locally based production company here in the Silicon Valley area of California. The ambition company has the admirable intentions of creating brave, inclusive film projects.

I’ll Push You: A Camino Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends and One Wheelchair is one of the bravest films I’ve seen in a long time. As a person with quadriplegia, I have a bit of an idea of how incredibly challenging physically and mentally the journey was. The two friends took on a monumental task and I’m grateful to them for capturing every moment. The good and the bad. I was encouraged and inspired. After the viewing I had the chance to sit and chat with the beautiful and talented Dr. Alette and MWCA19 contestant Angela Piazza. I am so proud to call her my mentor and friend. We had a wonderful time and even stayed to pose for a few photos. As I write this I have a very heavy heart. My good friend who invited to the viewing, Fernanda, is currently in the hospital. Please send her well wishes. I do hope to have her back by my side and stirring up trouble. That is what we do best.

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