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The Dublin All-Abilities Park

I dedicate this post to my beautiful friend Fernanda. You’re a fighter and you will be back in action again soon.

Fernanda introduced me to Olenka Steciw Villarreal, the founder of All-Abilities Park Magical Bridge, and the incredible team at last fall.

Fernanda joined my mom, sister and 2 year old niece at Magical Bridge. We had an amazing time playing at the park . A few months after playing at Magical Bridge, my mom read online that Dublin wanted to build its own all abilities park.

I was beyond excited to hear this news and I reached out to see how I could help. Janet Coles, the Parks and Facilities Development Coordinator shared with me details of the design. They were stunning! Janet shared the Preferred Concept sheets, the net climber play elements, as selected by the Parks Commission. I was asked to take a look and reply with any questions or comments. After careful review, I replied with my suggestions within minutes.

La Shawn, the Parks and Community Service Director, followed up with answers to my questions and invited me to speak at the upcoming Dublin City Council meeting.

I assured Janet & La Shawn I would be in attendance at the meeting and was delighted to share my personal experiences at an All-Abilities Park in support.

I’m excited to share with you all, I had the pleasure of sharing my experience at a recent Dublin City Council meeting in support of the concept design & budget.

It was unanimous! The City Of Dublin will soon have its own phenomenal all abilities park which will be a tremendous gift to not only the mixed ability families of Dublin but everyone in the surrounding area, as it will be located conveniently right off the freeway.

Thank you Fernanda.

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