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LA Expo!

The boss, Robin Wearley, the founder of ADAPTS , had the fantastic idea to stay at an Airbnb rather than separate hotel rooms. This set up give us a chance to bond and learn so much about one another. I should’ve guessed it, my mom and Robin share birthdays a week apart. Another amazing fact, Robin work at the hospital I was born in West Chester Pennsylvania. How incredible is that!

Our Airbnb was perfectly located just five minutes from the LA convention center where their abilities Expo was being held.

I ran into the GNS medical supply team on the first day and could not have been more thrilled. Mary has become not only a friend and was my delegate coordinator for nationals but she is also now a coworker as I have agreed to join her and the West Coast GNS family!

Mary and I both use ADAPTS whenever we fly. I want to encourage everyone reading this if you or someone you love has mobility impairments please visit and purchase your personal evacuation sling today!

Use my promo code MWCA18 and get 18% off your order.

Things for the ADAPTS team started off Friday with great energy and excitement when one of our avid user and in a huge fan of the sling stopped by our booth and agreed to shoot a video with us giving a shining testimonial. Her name was Christina. Her and I found out we had a lot in common and she agreed to go around the expo with me handing out ADAPTS flyers and sharing our first hand experience with the sling. Christina lives on the second floor of an apartment and occasionally has seizures. She shared with us that her local EMTs preferred to use the ADAPTS sling to get her quickly out of the apartment and down the two flight of stairs.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with the ADAPTS on Sunday. We had an unexpected surge in sales which I can only credit to the beautiful and generous Christina for sharing her story and support.

The unstoppable advocate, Ms. Wheelchair America was in attendance and we had an amazing time. I think Karen and I can both agree, we do it for the kids!

Thank you to all of the amazing vendors who who went above and beyond showcasing their vehicles, services and innovative products.

A very special thank you to Mercedes, Ogo, Wells Fargo, Kia & Accessible Festivals who gave this Queen the VIP treatment and made us truly feel like a Queen for the day. I can’t wait to work together.

To all of the volunteers, THANK YOU! You all did an amazing job and I can’t wait for the next Abilities Expo.

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