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Stanford 7th Annual Assistive Technology Fair

Thank you to Professor Jaffe for inviting the ADAPTS team and GUSTO By KW out for their 7th Annual Assistive Technology Fair. This was an exciting event for me as it would be the first event I would be attending with my GUSTO, my Mobility Device accessories company alongside our sponsor ADAPTS.

We met some remarkable people including Daniel. Daniel filmed a short titled ‘A Day with Danny’ capturing his daily experiences and challenges living with cerebral palsy as a speaker and an artist. Danny was incredibly warm and very comfortable in front of the camera to say the least.

We also had the opportunity to speak with students creating devices for people who use vans to keep cars at a safe distance so that ramps can be deployed easily and quickly. I myself use a ramp to get my power chair in and out of my vehicle and know how challenging it is to return to your car and find someone has parked too close to put the ramp out. Thank you to all the EPAA students for giving me a very thorough demonstration. East Palo Alto Academy - Aaron Ragsdale & James M. Wang

collaborated with Project Invent and StreetCode Academy to explore engineering and design. They definitely created a very useful and thoughtful product .

I always learn something new or meet someone doing amazing things that I could never have even imagine, and last night that was Molly. Molly who is an All-Abilities martial arts instructor and we do hope to have her give a workshop for the Ms. Wheelchair California Leadership Institute or Nationals in the coming years.

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