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Eberhardt School of Business Visit

Hard to believe I graduated from the University of the Pacific’s Eberhardt School Of Business nine years ago!

It was fantastic being back on campus amongst my fellow tigers!

Preeti D. Oza, PT, PhD , the Assistant Professor and Director of Interprofessional Education at the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of the Pacific, emailed me Tuesday to invited me to speak to her physical therapy students. With three other events already scheduled this week, it took some rearranging but I’m sooo grateful we worked it out.

I had an amazing time sharing my first hand experiences of life with a spinal cord injury, going over demonstrations and working one-on-one with the students.

I adore physical therapist. For anyone living with paralysis, a physical therapists is your best friend!

A HUGE thank you to Peeti for exstending the invitation. I have been fortunate enough to have been invited back and will post the blog for that visit in the near future so check back soon!

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