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“Spectacular!” Were the words Nick, my friend and cofounder of Norcal SCI, used to describe a flight with Paul the pilot in his gyrocopter.

Following the auction portion of the NorCal SCI fundraising gala I met Paul. I bid on a fantastic flight in a gyrocopter over the Bay Area with Lunch. I was quickly outbid by party goers with clearly deep pockets.

Paul and his beautiful wife approached me after and said he’d be happy to take me up if I was still interested AND he’d throw in lunch. Of course I said yes and lunch was on me!

Man was Nick right! On the morning of October 27th I met Paul at the San Martin airport. After a test flight southeast over the rolling hills that surround I-680 where we saw a heard of Boars drinking at a lake, deer and families horseback riding.

We stopped by the airport again briefly for me to wipe the snought off my face and grab some goggles. We went back up and headed northwest out to the Pacific Ocean. We went as far north as Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk where we waved to surfers and families enjoying the beautiful beach.

It was truly and experience of a lifetime. Paul has generously invited me back out to capture the complete adventure as his camera died before we reached Watsonville Airport. An over site that has yielded a wonderful opportunity for me. I can’t wait to go back up during the time of year you can see Sharks and other sea creatures in the Pacific Ocean.

Thank you Paul! I look forward to our next adventure.

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