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Golden Village Family Conference

I learn something new and amazing at each one of these events. At the Golden Village family Conference, some lovely children gathered around and taught me how to sound the gong for war and I taught them how to strike a pose like a Queen. The children may have gotten the short end of that stick!

Young Ha, the resident Parent Consultant, had a wonderfully informative and relevant presentation. I’d also like to thank the volunteers, the band for providing such incredible live music, and the other panelist for sharing their wisdom for the Golden Village Family Conference on behalf of the Asian community.

All the musicians had some form of disabilities. They were absolute rock stars! I learned later that the lead singer only just picked up the guitar and started learning music a year ago! His mom Anna Wang was on the panel discussing how music has revolutionized their relationship. I am a huge fan of the transformative power of music. I was honored to have the opportunity to sing In My Blood by Shawn Mendes before the panel discussion.

The goal for this conference was to "Empower, support and inspire" Asian families/communities to build a nurturing Golden Village to raise challenging yet inspiring children with special needs. I was incredibly honored to have the opportunity to learn so much about the specific challenges Asian families face.

We are at at the beginning of that journey and I send a deep gratitude to Young for inviting me to participate in the conference.

While at the conference my family and I enjoyed a wonderful assortment of sushi, a live band and a spectacular traditional Korean Drum performance by Ongkyongil Korean Dance Troup.

Thank you to Kimberlee who promptly joined the panel after one of the presenters wasn’t able to make it. She also volunteered to help out with the raffle. What would I do without her?

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