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Stanford Engineering for Accessibility

Who knew by the end of today’s event I’d be crashing into a virtual tree!

On October 11th I had the fantastic opportunity to give a lecture on Transportation Planning and Empathy at Stanford University.

To be honest, I was intimidated about speaking to a room full of mostly engineering students, but they could not have been lovelier or more engaged.

A huge thank you to the Executive Director for the Center for Automotive Research Stanford University, Stephen M. Zoepf, Ph.D., for the invitation.

Stephen was gracious enough to drive my mom and I over to check out his garage on campus. There, I was introduced to his very cool crew and test dummies. I was even given the chance to jump behind the wheel of an autonomous vehicle The adventuress Fernanda Castelo came out for emotional support and pitched a phenomenal idea for a hover craft-chair.

Here’s to the future of transportation!

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