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Magic Bridge

Blog #10

Magical bridge was a truly enchanting experience! Magical Bridge is an All-Abilities playground located in Palo Alto California. Of all the incredible things that took place that day, from the comfort guinea pigs and bunnies that were brought in,

to the amazing all-abilities swings and the clubhouse.

My favorite part was meeting Zev.

Once I took the stage for Questions & Answers, I don’t remember a moment when Zev wasn’t standing by my side. A precious little four year old who without hesitation, took the mic and came onto the stage and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with me. Before I left the stage, Zev climbed onto my lap and we drove around the park together. He asked me if I would come back and if I could please bring him the Elsa crown. Of course I told him yes! Please join us at Magical Bridge for their next summer concert where Zev will no doubt be accompanying me for the musical performance for the night.

More information to come!

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