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Disability Resource Summit

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8/18/18 Disability Resource Summit

Thank you sooo so Much Dr. Alette for sending me the information for this event.

While at the Summit, a wonderful woman named Young Ha sat down at our table for lunch. She asked me all about the Ms. Wheelchair California Leadership Institute. She later invited me to speak at a gathering for Asian parents with children with disabilities. If you are interested in attending the event Will Take Pl., October 13th from 9AM-2:30 PM at Ways of the Elders in San Leandro.

At the Summit I discovered so much exciting information about what local Bay Area Entrepreneurs with Disabilities are achieving. For those who may not know, I’m an entrepreneur and operate a business making accessories for wheelchairs and power chairs.

Part of the days activities included an expert panel to answer any of our questions related to Disability Rights, wellness, career and ADA violations. It was truly a treat! I asked the panel which included a representative from DOR, can you assist with employment for more then minimum wage positions but salary jobs as well. To my amazement and delight, the answer was yes! DOR assisted me with my current job and I recommend their services all the time.

I graduated from the University of Pacific’s Eberhardt School of Business with my B.S in Business Administration and a concentration in finance. I would really love to work in a field that compliments my current role as Creative Director and assist me in growing my accessories company.

After speaking with the panel, a woman named Janice Ewing approached me and asked to take some photos together. Before leaving, Janice informed me she was a freelance writer for the Oakland Post. While heading to her car to see some of her work she wanted to share, we chatted for a bit. As it turns out she is a retired teacher and the daughter of a Tuskegee Airmen amongst other fascinating details.

Her and I are now working on a writing story together. I could not have been more blessed with this event. Looking forward to the next event!

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