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MWCA Blog: High Roller Poker Tournament

High Roller Poker Tournament Blog

Our first official event returning from Cuba as Ms. Wheelchair California 2018, was a High Roller Poker tournament. The event was held at the USA World Classic Events Center in Vallejo California. Troy Plunkett and his organization, SCI Active Network, hosted the important fundraiser to support the spinal cord injury community as they have done for years.

With my Sister, 1 year old niece and Susan Rotchy, our sponsor for the evening, we rolled in to the poker room. We were greeted by amazing Hollywood memorabilia including a life size Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Although Susan and I didn’t play poker , we had fun observing the poker games and having dinner with friends.

Later on an unexpected tour led us to a fantastic discovery. The second floor of the Center had been remodeled to appear as though you were in the Titanic! It was absolutely stunning and there was even a replica of the Titanic along with lots of other photos and news paper clippings .

While attending another event a few weeks later, I ran into Troy and his dad at the Tech Expo in Santa Rosa. I was delighted to find out that the Poker tournament raised a lot of money, exceeded their expectations and was a huge success! Troy and his dad credited the success of the tournament to collaborations with many local business owners and generous contributions from the community.

A special thank you to Susan for joining us and for all her support!


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