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SF Pride Week

What an incredible event! I know I know, I say that about every event, but SF Pride was truly incredible. Over a million people gathered in the city to celebrate their pride. The weather was incredible

I joined forces with the Lighthouse for the Blind who lead this years Disability Contingent. I had the pleasure of rolling down Market with my family and friends with varying abilities, including one of the judges _(please insert the black judges name) ___from the Ms. Wheelchair California competition.

We got to see newly elected San Francisco Mayor, London Breed, as we made our rounds. We posed for pictures and answered questions on Disability Rights and the my role as Ms. Wheelchair California 2018.

CBS covered the celebration and I was fortunate enough to have a chance to speak with 2 time Emmy nominated journalist, Jackie Ward about what it meant to have the opportunity to be seen, heard and to celebrate my pride! If you’d like to check out that interview or if you missed any of the parade, click the link below. Fast forward to about the 50 minute mark for the actual interview with Jackie Ward

The highlight of the day was easily when Dancing Queen by Aba played and we sang along with thousands of parade goers as we partied our way down Market St.

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