Tech Expo

The tech expo was one of those amazing events that kind of just fell into my lap AND it happened to align with my only weekday off. A good friend from AbleThrive Brittany, asked if I would take over her booth because she wouldn’t make it back from out of the country. I joyfully agreed!

The Tech Expo was held at the Grace Pavilion at Sonoma county fairgrounds.

I had the chance to speak to some very impressive disabled entrepreneur named Marc who operates an adaptive wall climbing business.

I couldn’t wait to climb the wall myself, and the experience didn’t disappoint. They even gave me the option to be dropped down once I’d reached the top of the wall for a quick adrenaline rush before I got back to business.

Back at my booth, I had the chance to meet an incredible woman named HolLynn Dlil. HolLynn told me all about how she has been fighting and advocating for Civil & Disability Rights longer than I’ve been alive.

Her stories of fighting on everyone’s behalf in San Francisco were riveting. She told me she captured it all in a book she published and promised she would send me a copy.

Her book arrived a week later and on the inside she wrote:

“You just do us proud Krystina. I’m so happy you are representing us. This book is about a very important event in U.S History. As seminal as Seneca Falls, Selma and Stone Wall”

Needless to say I’m so glad I told Brittany yes! The event far exceeded my expectations and my pact with Ms. Congeniality to make this a year of saying ‘Yes’ is turning out pretty incredible.

A special thank you to my amazing Aunt Vivian who took time off work to come give us a hand and truly made the event unforgettable.