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During Octobers Abilities Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie Lewkowicz who stopped by the WHILL booth to chat and take a few pictures. Bonnie, an avid hand cyclist and the Program Manager for BORP, invited me out to the Bike House in Berkeley California for a ride.  As she promised, the ride around Aquatic Park could not have been more amazing and on such a gorgeous fall day. 


Martha, my caregiver and friend, joined me on this trip. Can you believe it, this was her first time on a bike! We had an absolute blast riding through the leaves along the trail. 



Thank you Bonnie, Lisa, Peter and the rest of the BORP  team. BORP advances the lives of people with physical disabilities through sports and recreational activities. If you are interested in going to hand cycling please reach out to me or the BORP organization. You will definitely have a fantastic time!

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