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The Ms. Wheelchair California

Leadership Pageant

The Ms. Wheelchair America Program began in 1972 when Dr. Philip K. Hood, an Ohio physician, created a national forum to highlight the achievements of women with disabilities.

The Ms. Wheelchair California Leadership Pageant is not a beauty pageant, rather it is a competition based on advocacy and achievement. It is the only California pageant recognized by Ms. Wheelchair America. 


This empowering competition is not just about crowning a titleholder, it is designed to further develop the advocacy skills of a unique group of leaders, to provide a national network for articulate and accomplished women, and to invite the able-bodied community to attain a greater awareness of the potential of all citizens with disabilities.

Ms. Wheelchair California 2018

Krystina Jackson

 Dublin, CA

Five Words to Describe Krystina






Krystina's Platform

Roll-in to

the boardroom,

the classroom, 

and anywhere you

envision yourself

to be.

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Angela Piazza
Redwood City, CA

5 words to describe myself:

Caring, Friendly,

Honest, Spunky, Mom


Mentor program for children

of all ages with disabilities

2018 Contestants

Lindsay Worthington
Pleasant Hill, CA

5 words to describe myself: 

Sweet, Sassy, Smart,

Determined, Strong-willed


School for children with

disabilities and their struggles

Ligia Zuniga
San Mateo, CA

5 words to describe myself: 

Passionate, Resilient,

Determined, Kind, Strong


Access, Inclusivity, Visibility: without access there is no chance to be included which reduces the chance to be visible.

Kara Paulson
Menifee Lakes, CA

5 words to describe myself: 

Christian, Wife,

Mother, Writer, Dancer



Disabilities Need Visibility

Dr. Michelle Hernandez
Concord, CA

5 words to describe myself:

Authentic, Inspiration,

Survivor, Passionate, Determined


Domestic violence against

people with disabilities

Alicia Anderson
Gilroy, CA

5 words to describe myself:

Outgoing, Motivated,

Confident, Loving, Professional


Empower girls and women with disabilities to overcome stigmas and have “YES” moments

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