Ms. Wheelchair California 2022 Competition

 September 10-12, 2021
Via Zoom

Crowning Event Sunday at 2pm 

Open to the public


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Competition Details

Competition Information

  • This annual competition is not a beauty contest; it is a competition of advocacy and achievement.  

  • This is an excellent opportunity for women in the disability community to gain leadership skills, learn how to advocate for our community, and form lifelong relationships with other women in the disability community.  

  • This is the only California state competition associated with the Ms. Wheelchair America pageant.

Contestant Expectations

  • Give platform speeches on the subject of their experiences and future plans for advocacy. 

  • Create and exhibit trifold posters. These posters should be visualizations showcasing the contestants passions, platform and any previous advocacy efforts.

  • Participate in interviews with judges and participate in pageant workshops. These interviews will help the judges get to know the contestants. Check back soon for more information about workshops and judges.

  • See the information or click the MWCA Job Description above for more information about what it means to be Ms. Wheelchair California.

Contestants must be willing and able

to perform the following duties if selected as state titleholder

  • Attend the Ms. Wheelchair America (MWA) 2023 Competition

  • Fundraising*

  • Make at least 2 public appearances each month ** 

  • Write a monthly blog and utilize social media

  • Travel throughout Northern and Southern California

*Including MWA entrance fee. We are a non-profit. While we wish we could fund the titleholder, the degree to which the organization raises funds depends on the ability of the titleholder, with our guidance and assistance, to raise funds.

**Such appearances may include: 

  • public speaking (ex. schools, local/state disability organization events) 

  • meeting with local/state representatives

  • local business/chamber of commerce

  • Disability Events (ex. ADA Annual Anniversary in Sacramento)

  • Abilities Expos